Piping Hot!

I just came across this nice review of the O'Farrell CD under the heading "Piping Hot CDs": 

"Yonkers piper Jerry O’Sullivan released another exploration into the music of an 18th century piper named O’Farrell (no verifiable first name exists) this summer in the Catskills entitled O’Sullivan Meets O’Farrell: Volume II.

"For this follow up recording, O’Sullivan wanted to choose O’Farrell selections that were more suited to accompaniment with harpsichord and cello as they may have been in Baroque period of the 18th century. He was fortunate to find Paul and Audrey Cienniwa in Boston, who played the harpsichord and cello respectively, and who could play the musical scores written for them by Kevin O’Brien to go along with O’Sullivan’s piping.

"The album is organized in four suites according to various keys. Paul Cienniwa brought his harpsichord to Catskills for the official launch at the Weldon House back in July. The recording follows Volume I, and both of them reflect a thoughtful musician whose research back several centuries to rescue some of the obscure music of a successful but little known piper of the day deserves a lot of credit.

"For piping students, O’Sullivan’s efforts are invaluable in outlining the evolution of their instrument in Irish music."

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